1. Anant Anand's Avatar
    Now in WP9 and W9... Magnifying glass symbol in softkey bottom right will be replaced by Cortana button? Or MS will think of something sexier...
    09-29-2014 11:33 PM
  2. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    Bing isn't going anywhere.
    09-29-2014 11:55 PM
  3. dawindbag's Avatar
    That's not the question. Bing isn't going anywhere, but I think he's right about the magnifying glass button in WP. As it is, it makes less sense than it should because it launches Cortana. The issues with getting Cortana into all markets might delay this change, but I think it's coming. Not that it means much.
    09-30-2014 12:00 AM

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