1. Nitesh37's Avatar
    Hello Everyone! i need a help. i am getting error code 81030137 when trying to update Bing Translator.
    Update version is 2014.730.1743.3386
    09-30-2014 06:36 AM
  2. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    I guess all Bing apps after todays update don't allow installation onto the SD card. Try moving your app to the phone memory using storage sense and after that try to update the app.

    At least I faced this error with the Bing Weather app so I guess its the same problem.
    09-30-2014 06:46 AM
  3. Nitesh37's Avatar
    it is not in sd card
    09-30-2014 06:51 AM
  4. jmajid's Avatar
    what i found the solution was to note down all the apps that are giving this error...
    then uninstall them one at a time
    (if you do have an SD card, ensure that storage sense option says to install the app to the phone - some of these apps wont install on SD)
    then go back to store and search for the app - if you dont find it with the simple name, use Bing xxxx - it still seems to find it -
    there you go... should work now.
    09-30-2014 09:28 AM
  5. roberts1069's Avatar
    Sadly, the Bing apps cannot be installed to SD. I tried moving from SD to phone and then the update installed with no problem. I then tried moving the app back to SD. Even though the option to move to SD was available, the move failed with "The publisher of this app does not allow it to be installed to an SD card"
    09-30-2014 10:30 AM
  6. jfa1's Avatar
    Here's an article I found that may be of help to you

    error code 81030137 - Microsoft Community

    Let us know what happens with this possible solution.
    09-30-2014 11:12 AM
  7. roberts1069's Avatar
    Thanks. But no joy. Looks like msoft not gonna allow app to be installed to SD card with this latest up date. The option to move it is there, but fails with the "publisher doesn't allow...." Message. Humbug!
    10-03-2014 11:58 PM

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