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    Ok, this is a report of my experience. I am just posting so some might look at this as a possible solution to various problems they are having with WP8.1 DP.

    My experience just makes me wonder if the installer is 100% robust in its load and verification process.

    VZW network. Lumia Icon.

    My problem was very specific in that I could not send MMS. And this was not a simple add APN kind of fix. On the vzw sim setting for my icon, there is no choice to add mms APN.

    Hard reset and toggling all kinds of data and cellular and messaging switches weren't helping.

    I tried getting a new sim as well.

    I ended up reverting back to wp8 using NSRT. Once reverted, I went through the developer program upgrades all over again.

    In the end, the MMS issues was fully resolved without the need for any manual additions of any APN.

    So the point of my post is for some with WP8.1 issues that are just causing long and drawn out troubleshooting attempts that aren't being resolved, it might be a consideration to revert and reload. This is going well beyond a hard reset and might end up giving some relief to otherwise problem issues.

    The process wasn't painless. It took close to an hour to download the 4.3GB recovery files. Then it somehow decided to do it again for another hour. I decided it was best to just walk away while the dl was going on. Then the actual revert took additional time.

    Once I had fully updated WP8.1 reinstalled, I still ended up doing a couple hard resets, mostly because I wasn't liking the restore point I had chosen. At one point I got a blue screen initialization load failure. That was resolved with a soft reset.

    I had a couple backups on my Onedrive, and it's certainly important to make sure you are well backed up before a revert.

    Even with the backups I had some minor app issues with the fresh install. But all in all I think I have my Icon running wp8.1 without issues right now.

    Long story short.....If you just can't get any relief from some unknown bug or other phone issue in wp8.1 dp, consider a full revert to wp8 and fresh install back to wp8.1 dp.
    10-07-2014 07:19 AM

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