1. bugsy77's Avatar
    Has anyone on T-Mobile installed the 8.1 update on a nokia phone through the Developers Program? If so,were any problems encountered? T-mob has been dragging their feet for months on rolling out this update for my Lumia 925. TIA
    10-20-2014 07:42 AM
  2. several potatos's Avatar
    I'm running preview here and it's Ok. Couple glitches, nothing too bad.
    10-20-2014 07:57 AM
  3. bugsy77's Avatar
    Thanks,I'll give it a try!
    10-23-2014 12:41 PM
  4. T Moore's Avatar
    Users TM have had problems with WiFi calling after installing the 8.1 DP
    10-23-2014 12:49 PM
  5. David Ginsburg's Avatar
    I've been running the developers program since April. There are only a few things I am missing.

    1) My wifi calling works, but wifi texting does not.

    2) I have a fitbit and can't use the phone since the Cyan update brings the low power bluetooth.

    3) There was a new caller ID program re-released last week that doesn't work because it needs Cyan.

    Other than those things (for me) it is working really well. I really like the notification center (I didn't think I would cause of the live tiles) and don't miss the Me tile functionality as much as I thought I would with the facebook app either sending notifications, through email or the live tile getting updated.
    10-23-2014 12:50 PM

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