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    My parents have both a Surface 1 and Surface 2 RT's and my mom has a Fitbit Flex. After reading about the new update to the apps that came out yesterday (11/06/14) and as I happened to be visiting them last night, I decided to update the app and show my mom how she can now sync her band directly to her Surface as opposed to their desktop like she's been doing. I haven't used a Fitbit before nor played around with hers much, but since I am fairly knowledgeable about the current Windows stuff (Surface + Phone) I figured it should be easy to figure out. Heh... 2 hours later... still no sync.

    Is there something obvious that I am missing? In the new app, after she logs in with her Fitibit account, we clicked on her device in the upper right hand corner to take us to the sync screen. The little WiFi USB thing is in the port and at least the app knows its there (it complains when it's not there). However, when we hit sync it tries for maybe 30 seconds and gives a generic message to the effect of "Sorry we could not sync your fitbit tracker, try again later". When I first tried there were some permissions that needed to be allowed in the charm bar settings, but I turned those on. I tried this on both a Surface 1 and Surface 2 (both RT) with the same result.

    Is there a driver we need for the dongle? Some other permission needed or port opened? Have other experienced this?
    11-07-2014 09:56 AM

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