11-25-2014 11:40 AM
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    Actually it has everything to do with taste. That is why RAW exists. So you can get more information than a JPG can ever provide and turn it into the image you want.

    Any professional photographer will tell you that.
    11-25-2014 09:07 AM
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    The loss of detail is expected from JPEG files, specially on dark areas.
    Ok, yet the JPG that was converted from the DNG still has a lot more detail in dark areas than the JPG pulled directly from the camera does! So, there's still a huge difference between those two JPG images in that regard. The reason I'm asking is because the detail that is lost in dark areas is gone forever. You can't get that back, while what you're complaining about SEEMS to be something that can largely be alleviated with a tonal filter. I think you are raging about the wrong thing.
    2) No, JPEG will never have the same quality from DNG file. But the results of Lumia compression are just pathetic with a huge quality loss.
    Is that "no" the answer to my question, or are you just raging about something unrelated? I can't tell, but whether or not the JPG pulled from the camera went through one or more editing stages is extremely relevant to this discussion, as JPG images lose quality every time they are edited and saved. That loss of detail is far more problematic than what I understand you to be complaining about.
    Anyway, It's well known that consumer grade cameras (which includes all smartphone cameras) generally go for vibrancy and oversaturation rather than color accuracy, because study after study has shown that is what most consumers prefer. I think that may be what you are seeing and complaining about here. Like I said, run it through a tonal filter and see what happens

    1) Image quality and accuracy have nothing to do with size or resolution of a picture. Even on a comparison.
    DNG is a lossless file format, while JPG is a lossy format. What do you think is being sacrificed (lost) in exchange for smaller file sizes? Any chance that might have an effect on image quality and accuracy?
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    11-25-2014 11:40 AM
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