1. Atiyar Rahman's Avatar
    I had the Authenticator app installed, and I just reset my phone to factory default. Now when I'm trying to install the app after the reset, it's asking for a secret key or barcode capture. I can't even remember where the barcode I captured from last time. Can anyone help?
    12-07-2014 01:47 AM
  2. theefman's Avatar
    Go you you outlook.com account security settings and setup the app again.
    12-07-2014 01:50 AM
  3. Atiyar Rahman's Avatar
    thanks for quick reply...that was helpful...it's done now :)
    12-07-2014 02:17 AM
  4. psiu_glen's Avatar
    Note: My solution violates 37 security principles at least. :P

    I take a picture of the QR code with my phone(s). I make sure it doesn't go on Onedrive (well, if/when it does, I delete it).

    Then if I have to reset any of them, I can just use the existing pic of the QR code to do it again, and in the meantime my other phones double as Authenticator backups.

    So if anyone gets their hands on my phones, it's all over...but as far as 2FA for remote access goes, I'm good. *shrug*
    12-07-2014 10:49 PM

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