1. Alexwinphone's Avatar
    Hello!!, well i have a lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8 on it. The thing is that I've read a lot about all the problems that the 8.1 causes on some phones (that the WiFi, SD card,or WiFi hub etc. doesn't work properly, or don't work at all after the update). And I don't mention the constant resume screen or the "auto reset" of some phones with the 8.1. Well my question is : it's necessary to update my phone?
    12-10-2014 09:38 PM
  2. Amit Mishra3's Avatar
    No not necessary to update if ur willing to sacrifice some new features... Fyi I got Lumia 620..n never heard or experienced problems u have mentioned.. N my phone is up to date(with developer preview)
    12-10-2014 09:46 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Are we speaking about Official 8.1 + Cyan or devices on un-optimized Preview for Developers update track?
    12-10-2014 10:08 PM

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