1. shanzats's Avatar
    when i press power button it loads Nokia logo and then shows low battery icon.and turns off .
    but when i plug in charger then it turn to low buttery icon with blinking plug icon.
    after few minutes(2,3 min..) automatically restart and don't show buttery icon but it loads this cog wheels with a processing bar..
    after complete this processing bar phone is repeating this process..
    plz help me!! thank you.
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    Last edited by shanzats; 12-20-2014 at 05:16 AM.
    12-20-2014 04:54 AM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    be patient and wait for a while. this can take some time to finish.
    12-20-2014 05:34 AM
  3. shanzats's Avatar
    i tried for a 2 hrs..

    what is the reason for this sir?
    12-20-2014 05:37 AM

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