1. gagmani's Avatar
    As we know, we could add our own words in Hinglish and Hindi(Devanagari) keyboards in WP 8. But that feature was removed in WP 8.1. If you want to see that feature again in Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10( mobile) , please vote here :

    01-15-2015 01:26 AM
  2. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but I can add Hindi (in English) words to the keyboard and can use it anytime I need. All I have to do it to select the word underlined in Red and then select +<word> (from list of suggestions) to add it to the dictionary. Let me know if you referred to something else.
    01-15-2015 08:42 AM
  3. gagmani's Avatar
    You might be using the English India/UK/USA keyboard. Read my comment on user voice. The option you are talking about is only in English keyboards, not in Hinglish and Hindi keyboards (it used to be in WP8 but was removed in WP 8.1 for Hinglish/Hindi). I have to switch frequently between Hinglish and English India keyboard because only the English keyboard has that + sign option of highlighting misspelles words.
    01-17-2015 11:49 PM
  4. Pranshul Sood's Avatar
    You get my vote
    01-18-2015 12:38 AM

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