1. charyvgk's Avatar
    I am trying develope Barcode scanner in windows phone 8.1 with the help of ZXing / Optical Reader . But it not supported .Please let me know best barcode scanner for all formats (Code 128 /39 /QR Code) ?
    01-27-2015 05:40 AM
  2. srikanth reddy4's Avatar
    01-27-2015 09:20 AM
  3. PepperdotNet's Avatar
    Does anyone know of one that reads the US Postal Service Intelligent Mail barcodes? The ones that are printed on the bottom of the envelopes.
    01-27-2015 10:04 AM
  4. charyvgk's Avatar
    Is it Updates From Windows phone 8 to 8.1 ?
    For Developer ,Don't have such proper API for bar code scanner developing in Windows Phone 8.1 not Windows phone 8.1 Silver light .
    02-04-2015 01:46 AM
  5. Intercode's Avatar
    Go through some leading barcode solutions provider there you can find out the answer like Intercode Solutions etc.
    05-05-2015 05:01 AM
  6. Intercode's Avatar
    I think motorola barcode scanner is best for windows phone just confirm it with service providers.
    05-05-2015 05:02 AM

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