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    I have a Lumia 635 that I originally purchased for the "Walmart Family Mobile" plan (which is powered by T-Mobile). I had no problems with the service during my vacation or while traveling back home for most of the way. But sadly, T-Mobile just doesn't have service where I actually live - I found out that I was permanently roaming and while I was able to at least call and SMS on a local 2G network, obviously I bought the Lumia for more than that. So after a 40-day-active IMEI requirement, I switched to Cricket, whose plan is comparable and only slightly more expensive than the Walmart plan.

    I got the phone unlocked and activated the Cricket SIM and the service works nicely. But I'd like to know if there's a way to ditch the T-Mobile-branded Cyan - and perhaps install Cricket's? I know Cricket sells 635's, so I imagine they must have their own firmware, or perhaps use AT&T's. But even a completely un-branded Cyan would be preferable to what I have now.

    The reason is that T-Mobile's Cyan is missing features. For example, when first setting up the phone, I repeatedly tried to set up "visual voicemail" until I learned it wasn't supported through the Walmart plan; so I ignored it then. But Cricket actually supports it, and I'd really like to activate it now. Problem is, it's not there anymore. I distinctly recall seeing the option when going through the phone in December, but at some point one of the OS updates pushed by T-Mobile since December seems to have completely removed the option from the phone altogether. I cannot find it on the Phone Settings page. Same with the phone-as-hotspot feature - the entire "Internet Sharing" page has been completely removed from the settings menu. I can't even say what else has been removed or changed.

    I'd really like to use these WP 8.1 features that my new plan supports. How/where do I get and install an unrestricted Cyan build?
    02-12-2015 10:14 PM

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