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    I bought the new lumia 930 in 20th January'15, over my last Lumia 720, thinking that i can over come the problem with my last phone.
    But unfortunately i have faced an issue with my new Lumia 930, as well. Though i liked every other things of this mobile.

    Problem is with the three navigation bar key and during vibration mode !!!when ever i pressed them there is a extra annoying noise along with vibration. Its a sounds which can be related with, "when you keep your phone on table and because of an incoming call phone will vibrate and you will here an extra sound because of the vibration and the table surface".
    I didn't notice this sound in 1st week, but from last week i have been experiencing this. I thought its temporary and I tried to turn off the vibration mode of "navigation bar", and when ever i turn it on again it give the same problem.

    Please, help me from this annoying noise...!!

    02-14-2015 07:04 AM

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