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    Hi. So I decided to rollback my 928 from Preview to get the official 8.1 install as the Preview had gotten very unstable (in particular the camera which crashes every single time). Installed the recovery tool and successfully rolled back to 8.0 (or whatever it was, pre notification center) and then proceeded to download and install the next OS update. Downloaded fine, prepped for install, hit Install..phone reset as usual but now is just endlessly looping through resets. Goes like this:

    Black Nokia screen
    Blue screen with nothing on it for say 30 sec

    I've tried hard resetting, which does seem to get it to turn off at least. Plugged it back into the laptop to see if I can recover again but the tool no longer sees the phone. So, what to do? Any help would be awesome!


    03-09-2015 10:21 PM

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