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    I have the original Dell Venue Pro, the one with no internal memory that uses the hidden SD card that you're not supposed to upgrade even though it's only 8 GB. I have 2 of them actually with 7.8 force updated on both. When it came time to go beyond 8 GB, I purchased a PNY series 10 32 GB micro SD card for 30 bux from Best buy (my OEM one was an SD series 4). After resetting my phone and doing the "trick" to get it to boot with the new card I then proceeded to transfer 11 GB of video files from a remote hard drive on my network. Long story short, sync time was disappointing to say the least. Took approx 6 hours to sync 11 GB of media onto my phone, I initially thought it was due to my outdated Wireless LAN equipment and started making plans to change something's. So for the heck of it, I purchased the SanDisk ultra UHS I 32 GB card ( roughly twice the price as the first one I bought, the most expensive one I could get basically) for my other DVP, and proceded to do an identical sync. All I can say is WOW, took 26 minutes to do the same sync. For whatever the reason is, Zune does not "convert" the video files anymore with the UHS card, it syncs them "as is" onto the phone AND regular transfer time is faster nonetheless. It literally brought my outdated phone up to speed with today, and this was running at a (wireless) LAN speed to my PC of about 59 mps, if I had modern equipment, probably could've done much less than that! Not only that, but all around phone performance is off the charts (fast) compared to before and compared to my other one with the series 10 card. So I guess the moral is that there's a reason why 95 mps SD cards are so expensive!!
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