1. Juan Manuel San Martin's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently using a Lumia 630 Dual Sim (RM-978), and I want to flash the firmware with a Unbranded one, thing is, I bought the phone in the US during a trip last year, from a chinese vendor, or so I think given that some of the apps that came with the phone were chinese.

    Thing is, now I'm back in my country Argentina, and trying to find a 8.1 firmware to flash, and I can't find one from here.

    -I would like to request some help in finding the correct firmware,

    -Or at least to know if I could flash one from other country with no problems, I know the one I have now is from asia, so it doesn't seem to have a negative effect.

    -Last question, can you flash any other version but the one described in the phone (RM-978 in my case) , maybe a single sim one , given that I only use one sim card.

    Thank you!
    03-14-2015 08:50 PM
  2. ssapre's Avatar
    Using single sim version might b risky.
    03-14-2015 11:35 PM

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