1. Intense Soul's Avatar
    After a thorough research and looking after all low budget lumia phones, I settled up on Lumia 638. Ordered through amazon.in which is the only seller in India. The phone looks classy and fine :)

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    03-26-2015 08:00 AM
  2. jontyfernz's Avatar
    Great choice
    03-26-2015 08:06 AM
  3. srikanth reddy4's Avatar
    thought of getting that but missed the offer.....very powerful device for the price tag
    03-26-2015 08:09 AM
  4. TLRtheory's Avatar
    Hey can you do me a favor? I've been interested in that exact phone, but the only way I'll buy it is if it can play Chaos Rings without the glitched graphics.

    Can you go to the store and download the free demo of Chaos Rings? Once you get to the very first battle you'll be able to see whether the models are all blacked out or not.

    It's a huge download, but if it all works out, I'll be trading up from my Lumia 635 to that 638!
    03-26-2015 08:10 AM
  5. Intense Soul's Avatar

    delivered delivered!!!!!
    03-26-2015 09:59 AM
  6. Intense Soul's Avatar
    may be not today, but I will give a shot tomorrow and update here.
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    03-26-2015 10:00 AM
  7. Intense Soul's Avatar
    The device looks cool and simple. The back looks good but in hand makes you feel bit odd when compared to other devices. I felt like rubbery at back where 920 looks so great in hands.
    03-27-2015 01:11 AM

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