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    Hi Guys, hope everything is fine with you!

    I got stuck trying to route my voip calls through earpiece on my windows phone 8.1 application. Before asking here, I did some google research and I found a stackoverflow thread called "how to play audio through earpiece only in windows phone 8 application".

    There they suggest to use the AudioRoutingManager interface and it is available inside windows phone 8.1 SDK but whenever I call any method, the UnauthorizedAccessException is thrown. I can't add the ID_CAP_AUDIOROUTING and the ID_CAP_VOIP capabilities because they don't exist on windows phone 8.1 projects (I am using visual studio 2012).

    Now one very important information: I am not using microsoft.phone.networking.voip classes. I have my own SIP stack implemented in cpp which I have already ported for many platforms, like Android, IOS, MAC, Symbian, Linux and now windows phone. This sip stack is working very well on windows phone, I can make calls for PSTN numbers and the audio is connected on both parts but I can't route the audio through earpiece, it is on only played through speakers and I always get this UnauthorizedAccessException exception when I try to change the audio routing mode.

    I have run out of ideas here and I am really considering to drop the window phone project if I can't overcome this limitation. Any help wiil be appreciated.

    03-31-2015 10:29 AM
  2. Nilson Freitas's Avatar
    Hi Guys, I am really struggling here, any ideas?
    04-06-2015 06:23 AM

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