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    So for about a week my phone (HTC one m8 for Windows) was out of commission and my boss was nice enough to lend me a Galaxy S5 until my phone came back. It's been a while since I've had an Android device (last one I had was HTC evo 4G) so I took the opportunity to tinker with it. I must say Android has come a long way from when I last used it. The OS looked more unified, got decent battery life, and wasn't super laggy (Granted I didn't install many apps). Default App linking actually worked too. Having full access to Google services was nice as most of my other chums use them while they mock my decision to stick it out with Windows Phone. Hardware wise, the S5 definitely looks cheap. But my goodness that screen was so amazing. Colors just popped, it really was a thing of beauty. The camera was fast and good. However, for some reason it had a really hard time just trying to focus.

    But little things about the OS still bothered me. First the Touch UI was horribly Fisher Price like. So I had to get a new Launcher and just tried to skin it like the Nexus devices. Then the keyboard was not very good either. So I had to get a new keyboard too. I didn't like how I had to manage my apps and the Android OS wasn't smart enough to kill an app that hasn't been open in X time. Overall, while it's nice to have the option to change this and that about my phone, I really at the end of the day just want it to work.

    This all made me appreciate my Windows Phone. Fairly consistent UI, great keyboard, and decent memory management. I hope that the devs out there take this platform seriously this time around. Anyways just wanted to share. Thanks!
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    04-03-2015 03:34 PM
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    I move from a Nokia 1020 to a note 4....

    Don't get me wrong the Note is lovely... But I cant yet bring myself to sell the Nokia. Finding apps glitch, camera focus bad. Onedrive auto autoloads works when it feels like it. Its just not as polished as Windows....

    Only thing I wish for is the Nokia to be a little bigger!
    04-03-2015 03:40 PM
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    my aunt gave me a LG G3 as present.. she knew i needed for debugging purposes using Unity.
    i never touched andriod,but was a symbian power user

    there is a Unity app called unity Remote.. allows u to use the phone screen as a touch input while u run Unity(game development engine) on ur pc.. we dont have that in WP..

    first thing i discovered in andriod, is the "developer tools". they give u all sort of information and performance graphs etc . for example, it shows u the touches u made, it draws the swipes u draw across the screen, all in real time , which ever app ur opening on ur phone,... it also shows the x,y coordinates of the touch .. teh amount of pressure ur finger is exerting on the screen.. and so on.. pretty useful ..

    u can use some free plugins and scripts in unity, most wont work on WP bec the WP store doesnt allow many of the APIs and some .net stuff, (im a beginner) , coding work arounds on my own would take ages. at least atm.. but, everything just works on the G3, andriod is just more mature when it comes to developer tools, therefore the G3 is my main debugging phone now

    so i continued to use it a bit more. : KB, TONS of keyboards, most were meh, for some reason i didnt like swift key altho its the highest rated.. LG kb was more responsive but the "swiping"sucked, not close to WP kb.. i settled with Swype, the screen was too big for one-hand thumb swiping , but wait, u can resize the keyboard, dock it to the left or right, etc.. making one hand use pretty manageable ..

    most of the apps i opened, launched faster(probably due to better hardware, 1020 IS old after all), they are PACKED with features. and they are all ugly :D , but work fine.. had few crashes.. not much..

    browsers on andriod were on another league.. no comparison. they might lag a bit, but they do work, and if a browser doesnt open a certain website, or play a certain video, u just close it, and use another browser that WILL play it ..

    i didnt spend much time looking for apps, but , most reddit apps were meh, nothing close to ReadIT.. same with youtube.. nothing close Metrotube (i know there are other apps that u can find outside of the store), default YT app works great, but cant play while minimized Oo. lol

    after 20+ apps installed i felt the phone getting slower, most app try to hog the system, they are like mini viruses really :D .. . my 1020 had 80+, works fine..

    multitasking sucks.. and yes u have to micromanage opened apps, kill tasks etc.. u prolly need an antivirus too ,

    my G3 has the headphone jack at the bottom.. close to the microusb... its fine when im listening to music outside, it means i wont have a headphone cable dangling from behind the screen everytime i try to use the phone.. but when im at bed, its really annoying to have them both at the bottom, everytime i rest my hands on my chest they get bent.. i dont want to ruin the jacks.. so i use a phone rotation app.. and i flip the whole screen upside down.. all buttons are inside the screen, so they flip too.

    since they are soft, u can change them, add to them, remove some of them.. i had a custom LG button, when u press it the notificatons drop down , u dont need to move ur thumb ALL the way up the screen and swipe it down.. i used to hate soft buttons, not anymore i dont :)

    having a light led is a bless, different lights depending on the notificaton.. i love glance on WP but it eats on ur battery .
    G3 have a big removable battery too :)

    its probably my 1020, but i had apps crashing left and right, many would crash on launch.. notifications were horrendous , never reliable.. on the G3 they were fine.

    my roomie didnt pay for broadband, had no net, my desktop doesnt have wifi.. downloaded LG suite via the phone, sent it over via usb, and used the phone as a usb modem(i dont think i needed to dl the suite, but thought i might as well).. this might be coming in w10,, been waiting for this for a long while now ..

    i still use Microsoft services+ Here maps, they work fine, and yes, onedrive glitched on me once or twice, but it did that in WP too.. i dont miss a single MS app, they are all here..

    homescreen is ugly, app list in WP is ten times better.. icons are disgusting in andriod(u can change the theme, ), battery life was 4-5x more than the 1020. camera doesnt launch that fast, slow at taking pix, and quality is **** :).. camera is very important to me .

    in andriod : ads are in every app, but somehow my eye is trained to ignore them, .. in WP the ads kinda JUMP on ur face. i guess its coz of the nature of metro's dark theme, hence they have more contrast(ads usually have white backgrounds).

    didnt download a single game yet, actually i tried hearthstone(im still learning it ) , text was a bit too small, so i didnt open it again :D .. if i knew most of the card i would have played it fine, but i barely know 5% of them.so i cant judge performance really.

    off the top of ma head , those were few stuff i encountered in the past 1 month. i know those are "very" small, but ppl tend to say andriod is free and customizable, but they never give example, or paint a picture of how that might feel :).

    just so u know, im a Java hater, and i hated andriod when it started, i didnt like the idea that it had high end cpu and still lagged, inefficient really(still is a bit ).. but today Android is a different beast. so im giving it a fair chance.

    furthermore, i love Nokia, and being different(wp) is always great, everyone has the same exact flat Android plastic nowd.. and now i too.. which sux :)

    as for WP, we all love it, but i think microsoft could have done a better job. they are slow, and they set some weird limitations here and there. of ALL the issues i typed , the main one is browsers. allow third party browsers please, ty.. i dont know how UC preforms on the l1520. but it wasnt that great on the l1020..

    hopefully someone might find this useful :)
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    04-03-2015 06:02 PM

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