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    With all of the apps coming and going it would be better if we knew how many downloads each app (like bank of America) had. That would put things in context. Although Windows Phone only has 3% market share, 3% of a huge pie is still millions of users. Also OSX has always had small market share, but event Microsoft still developed for it.

    I truly feel platform bias is the reason apps are never developed or unpublished. Anyone know if Rudy gas ever given download numbers for 6tag??
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    04-09-2015 02:51 PM
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    So I've done some quick research on 6Tag and just decided to produce a WAG. At a point in 2013 6tag had 270,000 downloads. Since then all of Rudy's apps have been downloaded 15 million times. A similar app (lomogram) had been downloaded 4.5 million times. For purposes of this exercise lets peg 6tag active users at 2.5M.

    Using a figure of .70 cents (US) as the total amount 1 user will generate in revenue yearly. 6tag alone would make $1.75M (US) in revenue. Since Rudy has managed to create his 3rd party instagram client by himself and instagram already has shared overhead thanks to web, android and iOS development, its safe to assume they would only need 1 .Net developer. This should cost about $113K. Even with other cost that may be exclusive to .net even with a low user base of 2.5M active users. A windows phone instagram app would still be profitable for Instagram.
    04-10-2015 10:11 AM

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