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    I recently bought a Lenovo laptop that came preloaded with the usual bloatware. The only thing that caught my eye was Phone Companion. Apparently it allows you to send texts and make phone calls from you laptop and they go through your phone. It sounded kind of neat, even if I never used it.

    So I started the app and the first thing it says is "Scan this QR code with your Android device to download the companion app!". It was like "what? No WP"? Just in case, I scanned the QR code anyway and of course the app doesn't exist in the Windows Phone store.

    Is it strange of me to think that a Windows 8 app would have a WP companion app instead of just Android? Am I being unrealistic? I can see a normal Windows application being specific to the more popular mobile devices, but a Windows 8 app just feels like it is meant to go with Windows Phone. They share a design philosophy and language. Its like if there was a Kinect game that said "Now show your Android phone to Kinect to get started".

    Is this what we can expect with Windows 10? PC/Phone combo apps that I cant run without an iPhone or Android?
    04-21-2015 12:22 PM

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