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    Ok, so I've a pretty bad bug that stopping me from updating my apps.

    I decided to try Unified remote (though I think this could have happened to any app) and when it got to installing, progress bar at about 60%, it stopped.

    I waited a while, nothing moved, I went to look at it in the app list and it was done. I opened it, used it for a bit, it was fine. Back to the store, and it still says "Installing".

    When I long press the install, nothing happens. The element moves, but no options drop down to cancel or pause.

    So I go ahead and restart my device, thinking this would clear it up. I forget about it for about a day, go back to check and it's still there!

    Windows phone does VERY LITTLE in parallel, so apps only download one at a time, all waiting on the first to finish installing... so you can see where this is going, the app is still marked as "Installing" and all other apps are now "Pending".

    I went ahead and deleted the app, and that didn't help. Restarted once more for good measure to no avail.

    Long press again still gives me no options.

    Anyone ever had a situation like this? Know of a way to unstick this app that does not include a device reset?

    Appreciate the help.
    04-21-2015 01:31 PM

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