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    Lumia 928, Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14203.306) Denim (3051.50009.1446.0093). Have not loaded Win 10 TP.

    About a week ago Automatic Quiet Hours stopped functioning. I can turn it on and off manually, but the automatic function through Cortana doesn't turn it on or off.

    I've reset Cortana, deleted all Cortana data (cloud and phone), and even done a hard reset with the Windows Phone recovery tool, all with no success. I did a clean hard reset, not restoring any settings or apps.

    Automatic Rules is checked, set to Every Day, with Start @ 9:00 pm and End @ 7:35 am. Inner circle breaks through, both phone and text.

    Any ideas??


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    05-18-2015 08:35 AM
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    Have you tried setting the start and end times such that Quiet Hours starts and ends on the same day? e.g. start at 1:00AM and ends at 7:00AM (6 hours later), not: starts at 11:00PM and ends at 5:00AM (also 6 hours later, but crosses midnight).
    05-18-2015 02:35 PM
  3. mjperry51's Avatar
    Follow up:

    Visited the local Microsoft Store yesterday afternoon. Worked with a tech -- he set a new start time (3 minutes ahead), and it turned on as it should. I reset the time for 9:00 pm last night and it worked fine.

    Guess I had to put the fear of MS into it. . .

    Strange stuff. . .

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    05-19-2015 09:30 AM

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