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    I have tried several podcast apps for Windows phone. Unfortunately I have had nothing but issues when it comes to get any of them working on my Lumia 520. I have a 925 which is my actual phone. I only use the Lumia 520 as an MP3 player for the car and gym. My biggest issue that I still have been trying to figure a suitable work around for is podcast. The 3rd party podcast apps either did not have the features I want, or in the case of Podcast lounge does have the feature I want but crashes randomly. The actual Windows phone 8 podcast app is good for me, except that it is not downloading the episodes in the background when the phone is plugged in to my pc. Also when I use the Windows phone desktop app for syncing, the podcast titles and/or episodes donít show up correctly. Not a big deal
    The other day after seeing my 925 was low on space, I investigated as to why since I do not use it for music. Thatís when I realized the that the subscriptions that I added on my Lumia 520 showed up in the Podcast app on my 925 without me doing it on the phone. . So it seems that podcast subscriptions are being synced on both devices. Another thing I noticed is that some of the podcast I deleted on my 5201 have reappeared which I am guessing is due to me not deleting them on the 925, so they were added back in to my listing. So my question is this; if the podcast subscriptions are being synced, where in the cloud can I manage them? Has anyone else run in to this issue? I donít need any podcast app recommendations as I have given up on them.
    05-22-2015 03:34 PM
  2. -8-'s Avatar
    Have you tried unchecking the "Sync all podcasts" check box in the sync app when you connect either phone to your pc?
    05-22-2015 04:02 PM

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