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    I have a 1020 with WP 8.1 Developer Preview on it. With all my Windows Phones: 928, 521, and 1020 I've had multiple calendars show up for Outlook/Hotmail. I'm not clear on why. I have a calendar called "Eric's calendar Hotmail", "Eric Hotmail", and a "Family Room" Hotmail.

    I know what "Family Room" is (or was) but I can't figure out what "Eric" and "Eric's calendar" are. If I log into with my live credentials it seems to show my "Eric" calendar, but I use the "Eric's calendar" on my phone. I only see one Hotmail account in my phones's email+accounts in the settings.

    I see "Eric's calendar" is available in the list of available calendars in the dropdown on my live calendar. I went into settings in the live calendar and I see that both "Eric" and "Eric's calendar" are associated with the same account.

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    05-31-2015 11:00 PM

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