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    is there any way to manually add card details into the built in Wallet app? I have found a bunch of instructions saying you can, but they seem to be WP8. The info I've found on WP8.1 seems to be ambiguous.

    So, should I be able to add credit card details to the wallet, or will it only show those that are linked to my MS account, or those that I have a specific app for?

    Can I add loyalty card details, or my gym membership details to it?

    This seems to me to be the most useful feature of a password protected wallet (i.e. let you put things in it that you want to access!), but I can't find any way of actually storing the info I want to retrieve. Even if I add a credit card to my MS account, when it shows up in the wallet it hides most of the number, so it's useless to me if I want to see my card details to order something online when I don't have my card.
    06-14-2015 01:39 PM

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