1. rld082982's Avatar
    I'm placing the blame on myself. I installed the new windows 10 preview on both my 920 and my 635. Never had a problem with any preview version on the 635.... so I figured I'd install it on my 920.
    I got the PIN problem on the 920... and couldn't access the phone at all.
    The 635... lots of apps weren't working, and telling me to uninstall/buy them... including the People hub, messaging, etc.... things that you cannot uninstall.
    So I hard reset both, but the sad face comes up after the gears. Sigh...
    06-26-2015 08:27 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    THIS LINK will give instructions on how to fix your issue. It's not the exact same symptom, but requires the exact same fix.

    Best of luck with it and post back to let us know how it works for you.
    06-26-2015 08:31 AM
  3. rld082982's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll give it a whirl
    06-26-2015 08:50 AM
  4. rld082982's Avatar
    This worked! Thank you much!
    aximtreo and rhapdog like this.
    06-26-2015 07:42 PM

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