08-17-2015 04:06 PM
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    My 2010 refurb SL410 is still kicking! For upgrades, I invested about $100 for the CPU, RAM, ReadyBoost drives, and a replacement battery over five years; plus compressed air cans for internal cleaning.

    It shipped with 7 (had Ubuntu installed for a while too) and was upgraded to 8.1, then back to 7 and now 10; which runs it really well given certain hardware limitations. The original T5870 (2.0 GHz) was replaced with a slightly newer but cooler and more powerful P8800 (2.67 GHz) for the processing gains and minimizing the cooler running all the time, and the fact that core 2 duo processors are dirt cheap. The battery was replaced once with a reputable 3rd-party battery manufacturer. Made use of an SD card and a flash drive both dedicated to ReadyBoost; it's not earth shatteringly faster but actually helps with boot times and program launches. The RAM was upgraded to a slightly faster stick but the SL410 shipped with x86, and I was teased with x64 Technical Preview installed.

    The parts that are showing their age are a 5400rpm hdd, an aged network card, an Intel GMA (could add and external GPU via ExpressCard slot but that's the effort and price for about half of a new rig), OS locked to 32 bit, and weighs like a sack of bricks.

    The part that will remain timeless is that ThinkPad keyboard! It was the design before the chiclets took over, and if I could extract it and use it as a desktop keyboard I would do it!

    In my case, I was able to upgrade the CPU and a slightly faster RAM but held off on the HDD to SSD upgrade (which is possible while using the DVD drive as a 2nd HDD bay) due to price/return.

    So, my best advice for keeping older PCs in rotation is to look up what different hardware options that are officially supported by the OEM and upgrade accordingly.
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    08-17-2015 03:13 PM
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    I work at a place that does PC repair, and dozens of PCs come through here every week. Blown capacitors is probably the most common problem with non replaceable parts. On a consumer grade PC, that often starts at around 5 years. But of course, YMMV. Business grade PCs often last much longer.

    If a customer brings it a computer complaining of it being slow and/or unstable, a cursory glance over the capacitors is one of our first steps, especially if it's at least several years old.
    08-17-2015 04:06 PM
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