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    Hi there. I have a Samsung Ativ-S running Windows Phone 8.10.14157.200 (which is the latest version I can download to this phone).

    I've set up a Google Account and got the phone to sync email, contacts and calendars over to the phone. However, the calendar app on the phone is only showing the default Google calendar and not any other ones I've created.

    From what I've read online it seems there should be able to go into the Google Account settings on the phone and get it to specifically synchronise contacts and calendars - and from there I should be able to choose which contents to synchonise and change the interval of the sync.

    However, I've looked all over the phone and I can't find this option. My Google Account on my Windows Phone allows me to choose when I download new content, and how long it keeps email... but nothing else.

    And I have logged into my Google account online and made sure that all the relevent calendars are set up to sync. They all sync fine to my Android tablet, so I don't think the problem can be there.

    I notice that the version of the Windows Phone softare I'm using is the "Windows Phone 8.1 Update" and not "Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2" which for some reason isn't available to my phone at the moment. Could this be the problem? Is this feature not available to me yet? Or have a missed something obvious?

    Thanks for your help!

    07-30-2015 06:13 AM

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