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    I was thinking today about Microsoft's progression of promises on the updates of Windows 10 Mobile. Or rather, the regressions of promises. After some serious mental discussion, I decided to post my thoughts here on the forums for all you lovely people to boo and hiss at. Then Windows Central released an article reporting on the apparent loss of support for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 830 (of which I have one) and my beliefs were solidified.

    At first, Microsoft boldly claimed that Windows 10 Mobile would reach every Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 device, and I was overjoyed. That was far better than Apple could do, and would certainly give Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile great reputation in the media's eyes. It seemed like quite the accomplishment to update every single Windows Phone 8/.1 device to Microsoft's next generation mobile operating system, and I eagerly stalked the internet for further information (basically I did what I usually do, except I added this particular topic to my list of unassuming targets).

    Next, Microsoft came out and reassured us that the goal was to get Windows 10 Mobile on the majority of Windows Phone 8/.1 devices. I was less impressed, but it was still quite the feat.

    But that wasn't the end of it, as Microsoft finally admitted to us that the Lumia Denim firmware update released late 2014 is necessary for a mobile device to be updated to Windows 10 Mobile, and that any device not running Lumia Denim would therefore likely not receive the Windows 10 Mobile update. I was crushed. How could Microsoft go from updating all their Lumia devices to only updating a select few? As far as I know, only 14 of 24 Lumia devices are currently running full Lumia Denim. A full third of Windows Phones wouldn't be updated to Windows 10 Mobile? Microsoft was now running the risk of being alienated by consumers and media both for another Windows Phone 7 fiasco, as I was certain many people would try and claim Microsoft was once again abandoning its customers using its mobile operating system, and that Microsoft therefore didn't support it. I was understandably disappointed, but I thought certainly Microsoft could bake Lumia Denim into Windows 10 Mobile, and update any phones that didn't have it. This isn't a matter of a new kernel being used, it's well within the skills and resources of Microsoft to accomplish such a task. It would require work, but surely Satya Nadella was willing to do it, to save Windows 10 Mobile?

    In the back of my mind, however, I realized that Microsoft was acting much like a middle-aged man committing to daily visits to the gym and a healthier diet. At first, there was a real energy, but the longer the commitment ran the more Microsoft realized that results wouldn't be immediate, and that energy started to die. Microsoft was resigning to its situation, it looked like, by repeatedly doubling back on previous promises and seemingly giving up on getting every Lumia to Windows 10 Mobile. I was disappointed, to say the very least. However, I was certain my still recent Lumia 830 would receive the update, and that any device that didn't could be put on the Windows Insider Preview. It wasn't the ideal solution, but at least I had a way out.

    Today I received the "last straw," so to speak. AT&T practically giving an official statement that they had given up supporting their Lumia 830. No, it wasn't "official" and it wasn't "permanent" but those are relative terms. We know that only a miracle will be giving the Lumia 830 the other half of the Denim firmware update that we all know it definitely deserves. And without full Lumia Denim, will the Lumia 830 be receiving Windows 10 Mobile? It doesn't seem likely. Far from it. What this means is if I want Windows 10 Mobile on my daily driver (by the way, I absolutely love my Lumia 830), I will have to do something I swore I'd never do. Put my daily driver on the Insider Preview program. This angers me more than anything. I bought the Lumia 830 for two reasons: I knew it would be supported, and the Lumia 1520 was sold out at the time. But hold on, the Lumia 1520 received full Denim on AT&T while my newer Lumia 830 did not. The worst part is, I would've bought this phone unlocked in a heart beat if it meant getting updates straight from Microsoft. I just didn't have the choice, unfortunately.

    I've decided that I will no longer buy any phone unless I can buy it unlocked direct from Microsoft. If I can't afford to purchase the device flat out, then I will not purchase the device at all. But this doesn't solve my problem, and that problem is that there's a very good chance my Lumia 830 which is less than a year old will never receive another update again. And this isn't just AT&T's problem. Microsoft is at fault too. Over the last few months since Windows 10 Mobile was announced it looks like they've been losing confidence in their ability to save Windows Phone as a platform, and this in itself will make Windows Phone fail miserably. Microsoft has to push the carriers as hard as they can, or Windows Phone will go nowhere. I'm sure many of you agree. Microsoft can't do everything themselves, but they have the power and influence to make the carriers do what they want.

    I only wish someone had a real case against the United States mobile carriers, as it's perfectly clear they are purposely crippling the progress of Windows Phone. There is no support, or even attempt at support for any mobile device releases, and there is no training for their employees that involves a good word for any device with Lumia in the name. Oh, why do I have to support the underdog? Because it's amazing, even if it's endlessly frustrating to use a platform no one seems to want. I'm not even sure Microsoft wants it.
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    07-31-2015 08:47 PM
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    ... I'm not even sure Microsoft wants it.
    They don't! Just look how much better their own killer apps are on iOS/Android.

    WP should have been marketed as "THE business phone" and sold together with HP/Lenovo etc.
    They should have made hardware and software packages where Office/OneNote/OneDrive etc was UNIQUE for the Windows/WP platform.
    But, they blew it and that’s where we are today. A WP/W10M with no added value at all (not for Microsoft and definitely not for us the users).
    08-03-2015 07:16 AM
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    I would have read the whole thing, but after finding faults in your first two points I figured there was no point.
    08-03-2015 07:28 AM

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