1. Gergolos's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I've got a huge problem and hope you can help me:

    The whole content from about 1,5 years of using the reading-list disappeared and I can't get it back.

    It is a huge problem for me, because I do a lot of research for my work and used the Reading-List App to organize all the links/contents I had to "save". After more than 1,5 years of daily usage I collected quite a few of those and about two weeks ago I got the message from the App that I reached the limit for syncing the list with other devices. I checked the online help-site and got the information that there is no limit for the App for just one device, but if you want the list to be synced with other devices (which I currently don't do) you have to stay under number "x" of links saved in the Reading-List.

    One or two days after that message my Reading List App crashed and I was not able to open/start it afterwards. So after some time I reinstalled it from the Store. Now, when I open the App, no links appear. None of my categories can be found... It looks like the first time you start the App...

    I tried it out on my girlfriend's W10 computer (created a profile with my windows live account and downloaded the Reading List App). Again: the same...

    Is there a way I can find the directory where all the links were saved? Is there a file I can open (maybe with the editor) to access all the links?

    As long as I can have access to the links, it is fine for me...

    Thanks in advance!
    08-06-2015 12:12 PM
  2. Kruner's Avatar
    Recently it has happened to me the same. Could you fix it? Any help?
    12-06-2015 03:32 PM

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