1. Jevgeni Fil's Avatar
    Greetings. Sorry for my bad english.

    So, how this problem look like. Everything work without issues, i start browser(tried all available in market), for example IE, and start surfing in internet. Then after few seconds, my page auto-redirects itself to random adware-page(some cloud service ads, OMG YOUR PHONE INFECTED DOWNLOAD OUR ANTIVIRUS ASAP, some application advertise etc. I close this tab and those ads wont show for 10-20 mins. Then everything repeat again.

    Not a big deal, but sometimes my page redirects when i use my bank or write post on forum.

    I already tried:
    1. Clean browser history and cookies
    2. Hard reset from Settings menu with full format
    3. Hard reset with buttons(power+vol.down+camera)

    Right now i have absolutely clean OS, already resetted my phone to factory settings 2 times.

    But problem still there. I start browser, type microsoft.com and... Hey! Your android(ANDROID!!!!) device is infected, download our free bla bla bla antivirus.

    Hands down... what should i do? I tryed to update my firmware via Nokia Software Update for Retail, but this thing dont see my phone.

    I dont use any 3G or 4G, only wifi. Problem not only in my network, but in any network i connect my phone to,
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    09-02-2015 06:06 AM
  2. Dietrich Cleijne's Avatar
    I don't think you have a virus, i think that what you see is a full-screen pop-up add on the webpage you are browsing.
    09-02-2015 06:20 AM
  3. Jevgeni Fil's Avatar
    But i see those things on any page, even on windowscentral and microsoft.com.
    09-02-2015 06:22 AM
  4. Master Chaos5's Avatar
    Don't worry those are just ridiculous ads. Windows Phone is very secure.
    09-02-2015 06:47 AM
  5. someone2639's Avatar
    Okay try reflashing using the WP recovery tool (after backup!) and report your results
    EDIT: or whatever reflash tool there is on WP7
    09-02-2015 06:48 AM
  6. Master Chaos5's Avatar
    Like I said earlier, it's not possible to get virus on Windows Phone.

    You only see those pop-ups when you're browsing, right?
    Those pop-ups are ads created for Android/PC users, if you click on them using either an Android device or your PC they'll lead you to a harmful website and will install useless junk/malware on your device.

    Thankfully, Windows Phone is very secure so those ads can't install any kind of malware to your device. That is why they don't respond when you click them.

    Don't worry, just ignore them from now on. You don't have any virus.

    Even when you use your PC and you see these kind of pop-ups while surfing, I will highly advice you to stay away from these as they actually infect your PC rather than fixing anything.
    09-02-2015 06:59 AM
  7. AndyCalling's Avatar
    My guess is that somehow you are set to connect through a proxy server which is inserting these pop up ads during your browsing of normal web sites (especially if it happens whilst accessing your bank, as they are unlikely to promote these dodgy virus ads). Try removing any proxy server from your internet settings.

    There are no Windows Phone viruses. If a factory reset doesn't help, it may be that your ISP is sending connection settings that involve a proxy each time you reset.

    You didn't set up a VPN to view overseas Netflix or something did you? That would explain things. If so, you are running a huge security risk if you stay connected to such a VPN for your non-Netflix traffic.
    09-02-2015 07:28 AM
  8. Jevgeni Fil's Avatar
    I cant believe that those things are just "standart classic ads". I dont have any ads on my PC when i use those sites. And for 2 years i never saw even ONE such advertise on my lumia screen. There are NO ads on pank page(european, NORDEA, SEB, SWED, LHS) and never was, but now i have redirects from this site to another.

    Its not just banner. I enter microsoft website and then browser write that i am changing page to some abracadabra/blablabla/freestuff

    And i dont use any proxy servers or some strange things. I have clean phone from complete WIPE and Factory Reset, i dont have any contacts, mails, photos. Just clean device. Then i connect to my own wifi hotspot, then i go to browser, microsoft website, wait few seconds and woila! I am now on androidfreeblablalbla.bloabla/blalblalba/freeantivirus.

    I have another phone on WP and Android, i dont have those things in same network on same websites.
    09-02-2015 07:55 AM
  9. Master Chaos5's Avatar
    Can you at least show some screenshots?
    09-02-2015 08:04 AM
  10. Jevgeni Fil's Avatar
    I have screenshots, but windowscentral dont allow me to post links. I dont have 10 posts here ://
    09-03-2015 10:56 AM

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