1. Microtoad's Avatar
    Hi all,

    This morning when i went to use my lumia i found that the start screen had not loaded ( all the tiles are gone and there is no app list to the right). but i can still see the status bar at the top of the screen. I have tried rebooting a few times and leaving it for a while to see if it is just going slow but still nothing is happening.

    Any advice on how to fix it

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    10-10-2015 04:48 AM
  2. Chris Doors's Avatar
    Can you still access the Action Center or anything, and do you remember what you did when this happened? And have you got an Business Exchange account on your phone? If you can't access anything anymore, I'm afraid this means you have to do a hard reset.
    10-10-2015 09:35 AM
  3. Arlan Henry's Avatar
    It's been happening to me ever since I started using Windows 10 Mobile Preview and it seems to be sporadic. Sometimes the Start screen loads in under 30 seconds and sometimes it takes up to and over a half an hour to load.

    I can still pull down the notification screen and I can access apps through Cortana.

    When it's in this state, sometimes I get no notifications of new texts, Whatsapp messages, Emails etc... and when they do, they come through late and in bulk. This is extremely annoying. Sometimes a combination of a soft reset followed by a reboot works...

    10-10-2015 02:50 PM
  4. Microtoad's Avatar
    No i cant access the action center, I only noticed this when i unplugged my phone from the charger in the morning and i dont have a Business Exchange account on the phone.

    I tried using Cortana to open apps but i still could not see them, the only thing i could do was use her to call and text.

    I ended up Hard resetting the phone and then restoring from a backup, which is annoying as my internet is slow so it took a few hours to get my texts and apps reinstalled.

    Thanks for the help guys :)
    10-10-2015 03:47 PM

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