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    Good morning, folks.
    Let me share my experience and ask if anyone else is also going through it.

    I have a Nokia Lumia 822, Denim, Windows Phone 8.1 (Developer Preview), 2GB of ROM, 16 GB of internal storage and a memory card Class 10 32GB.
    Previously, I had successfully done a hard reset using Microsoft's Recovery Tool, and my phone got the very old Facebook app (the version that still had chat integrated in it); later, I also installed the Facebook Beta app and let it run along.

    Recently, Facebook Beta began to freeze, closing itself alone shortly after loading the first posts in the timeline. After some days, I finally uninstalled it, and kept the old Facebook app only.
    Then I went to the Store to try to reinstall the Facebook Beta app, and got an error: 8103010d.
    Later, my phone notified me of updates for other applications (Deviant Art, Easy Taxi), but, just as with Facebook and Facebook Beta, none could update themselves -- 80073cfe error.

    Today, not without some deep pain did I uninstall the Facebook and Facebook Beta apps (and Deviant Art and Easy Taxi as well). Even after uninstalled, I am unable to install them again.
    The curious thing is that, apparently, some other applications download and update just fine (just for testing purposes, I downloaded a "Halloween Ringtones" app through MyAppFree, and verything went smooth and fast!)

    I'd try to hard reset again today, using the newly upgraded Windows Device Recovery Tool program, but it failed and couldn't finish its job (not sure if it's the cable that may not be working 100% fine...)
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