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    just bought some cheap bt earphones for my 928, pairing and music is all fine, sound quality is the same as wired earphones at same or even higher price, my problem is with Cortana and calls, it sounds like a Gameboy for no apparent reason, after connecting to pc with a bt usb dongle so old it got rusty, I see it adds 2 audio output devices, one for communications and another for media, the media one has CD quality which is nice, sounds about as good as I would expect any decent pair of wired earphones, but the comms one is locked at "telephone" quality, on pc it doesn't matter since I can just set the media one to be default for everything and Cortana and calls sound excellent

    another problem is EQ, that lumia setting for audio in the settings menu doesn't let EQ or effects be activated, I've seen people saying it is a bt limitation since the stream cant be altered bla bla, but I just tried on pc and I can do whatever I want with the settings just like I do with wired speakers, EQ from all apps or even windows audio settings and stereo/normalization effects etc and they all shape the sound the way I want, exactly like wired speakers

    so my question is, is there any way to force wp8.1 to use the decent-quality media bt profile as default for everything, and force the EQ and effects to work with bt?

    btw how do I know if I'm using bt 4.0? the earphones say they are 4.0 and I'm running denim so it should have 4.0 and atpx codec or something, pc dongle must be like 1.0 and it sounds the same though
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    11-07-2015 02:47 PM

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