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    I've got a new laptop and my lumia 630 won't sync.

    The phone will sync with my old laptop.

    When I connect the phone to my new laptop the new laptop acknowledges (it beeps to say it's connected)

    When I launch the windows phone app it say "plug in your phone to see what's on it" - powered off the phone and connected it again, it powered on, computer downloaded new drivers and still says plug in phone

    When I log into the windows online account to see my devices my phone is listed, but when i click on find my phone, it cannot locate it

    I connected the phone to another computer and this computer won't sync either

    I've tried different cables and same thing happens

    I *think* i have the same account linked to my phone and laptop but a) not sure if it is or b) not sure how to check if it is and correct it if not

    Any ideas how to get my phone and laptop working together?

    01-21-2016 04:30 PM

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