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    I have some contacts on phone list that have up 5 numbers and all 5 are "listed" under Hotmail. However, I some other contacts that have only 2-3 number that are listed under Hotmail and Skype. They are automatically linked as two separate contacts even thou I added 2nd/3rd number to original 1 number contact.

    I'm attaching screenshot of one contact

    This contact changes phone number a lot, I just replaced Mobile from Hotmail with new number and wanted to delete the one from Skype. But it's not possible. If I unlink Skype and Hotmail (after long press) I can Pin, Edit, Delete Hotmail contact, Skype has the same options but Delete is greyed out. and when I try to edit it (to delete that number) I can add more stuff but cant delete it.


    My Skype (program) is cluttered with ALL my phone numbers. I dont want Skype to have access to them at all, and dont want my phone create new Skype contacts out of existing normal contacts. How can I do that? and how to "bring back" Skype's to Hotmail?
    02-10-2016 11:04 AM

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