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    My wife wanted to send a formal invitation to one of my friends, but did not have the address. I called up the page on my phone in contacts. (Nokia Lumia 929 Windows 8.1 phone update.) The address was highlighted in blue. I held my finger on it and a context menu opened allowing me to copy it. I started an SMS message to my wife and then tried to paste the address in, but there was no paste button, no context menu could be called up on the text entry screen and there was no way I could get the job done. So next, I opened my Mail app and tried to send it to her by email. Well, same problem. No way to paste this into an email. So then I went back to the contact list. I held my finger on the contact line for this contact in the list of contacts in the main screen for contacts and a context menu opened, one choice of which was to allow me to SHARE the contact. It was possible then to share the entire contact entry by email. But why does it let you copy and address from a contact page and then not let you paste it somewhere else on your phone. I mean, it wouldn't make much sense to copy the address and paste it into a different contact!?
    06-05-2016 12:15 AM

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