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    Hey Windows Phone gang.

    Yes, that's right. In 2018, when WP and W10M are basically dead, I am publishing The Music Player Windows Phone Deserved, after Microsoft failed to use the Metro (Modern) design language's potential to give us a decent music player.
    Any decent music player on the Store is either not that decent nor free.

    (Beta now available at

    I've been working on this project for 2 years now. I've dedicated a lot of time to get things right, and to finally address what I didn't like about other music players wither on Windows Phone or Android and iOS. Take a look:

    (I've blurred the name of the app, want that to be a surprise)

    This app bleeds Windows Phone. Meaning I was very faithful to the original Windows Phone design, while taking it one step further. The truly revolutionary part of all this is the navigation: simplified, but more powerful. You get to search even within categories: you can type "Friday" and the app shows you the dates including Friday, when you added songs to the phone.

    What I'm looking for are beta testers now. People who have an eye for design, and who are passionate about listening to music on their phone.

    Please message me directly, and include your Microsoft account ID (the one you are using on your phone) since I need to specify beta testers in the Store who get to have access to the beta release, before the app is published to the public.
    There is still some feature implementations remaining but I expect the beta to be available by mid June.
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