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    Hello my question is, that I am looking for an app that can save my
    desktop state, I know that Windows already has something like that
    built into it, it is called sleep mode ok but I am looking for something
    that will actually save the desktop state with all the programmes that
    are open and minimized so I can maybe just load the state and all
    my programmes will be back exactly as they were say for example
    when I minimized them yesterday. And I am not fussy even if
    loading the state means a system reboot I don’t mind so long as it
    loads everything back the way it was. I did try searching google and
    I did find a few things but I am not sure if they are rite so please if
    anyone can suggest some names of apps that could do what I have
    described that would be awesome thank you.
    What you are effectively describing is Hibernate, see the help article here:
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    12-17-2018 03:50 PM
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    Ok thanks, but I am aware of Hibernate but that won’t help me either because the area where I live we get a lot of power cuts rite in the middle of while you are busy working or doing your stuff on the computer, I really need an app that can save desktop state, anyway thanks again.
    In that case you need a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and / or running windows in a virtual environment - the most basic application for that is VMWare player.
    12-19-2018 03:59 PM
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    Hi, you are useless, please if you would be so kind as to never answer any of my posts ever again I would much appreciate it, I will rather wait until someone who is competent answers, but thank you anyway.
    I am unable to add you to ignore list because you are admin or something like that.


    You ask for help and you denigrate the person who is trying to help you find solutions?

    Furthermore you omitted certain details suchas that you have issues with a reliable source of power.

    The only solution to your power issue - which is the uninterruptable power supply (UPS) as the only solution to unreliable source of power is a constant supply of power - Windows has had baked in support for UPS that going back to XP.

    You will still suffer from data corruption / corrupted save state anyway due to power loss - unless you are constantly saving the state every few minutes.

    If you mentioned that you had a issue with power in the first place than I would have suggest like anyone would is to run Windows in a virtual environment as you can only save that virtual (As-is) state on your Hard drive without risking your personal files.

    Alternatively you can run your windows in a virtualised environment however that functionality is not offered to the average consumer, the easiest solution for that is running Windows Server so you can manage windows instances easily. Or you set up and configure a server from scratch.

    I gave you the simplest and free solution.

    It's more than apparent that you want a simple application solution that will do the job for you with little work on your part. Unfortunately for you there isn't unless you use something like vmwareplayer.

    If you continue to disparage users who offer help/advice/seek to work with you to find solutions then you will be wasting your time and at that point neither I or other mods will have any qualms in banning you permanetly.

    [This is the first and last infraction free warning] - You have been warned.
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