1. ajihu's Avatar
    I've been a Mac user for most of my life but I am so over their planned obsolescence. I'm really passionate about the environment and want to minimize my e-waste as much as possible. I have a mac laptop that is in great condition other than the fact that 80% of the storage is from Apps I don't use but can't delete and given the age of my device, I'm no longer eligible for OS upgrades.

    My point is, I'm looking to get a new device and am deciding between Windows 10 and Linux (as the operating systems). Why should I choose Windows over Linux? My work computer runs on Windows so I am less daunted by it, but I worry that I'll have the same operating system issues with Windows that I have with Mac (mainly the older the device is the harder it is to upgrade). This is really outside of my realm of expertise so any insight you can provide as to why Windows is a better option is much appreciated!
    06-22-2022 08:04 AM
  2. interlocutor1980's Avatar
    You’re probably wondering since when did popularity become a reason for something is better? Sure it’s popular but that doesn’t make it better than Linux? Well, it does bring in a few perks such as Adobe Photoshop. So what Linux has GIMP and Krita etc. right? Well, Windows has them too and it also has Adobe Photoshop. Not just Photoshop, Linux lacks any of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. It also doesn’t run several serious production applications such as Sony Vegas. Most big names in the software space shy away from Linux.
    There’s a really simple explanation for that. Companies want money and money is with market share and market share is with Windows. That is what makes Windows better than Linux.
    06-22-2022 11:24 AM

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