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    Hey guys,

    I need to nail down what internet service to use at my new apartment. Unfortunately it looks like I'm limited to AT&T U-Verse or Comcast Xfinity (I went through about 15 different options trying to avoid the money hungry giants). Now I'm fairly tech literate and get that for video gaming it's not the speed that's important but latency/jitter of packets. AT&T is offering me 18 Mbps for roughly $45/month while Comcast is offering 75 Mbps for $50/month. While at first glance most would say it's a no-brainer to go for the additional speeds that Comcast is offering for only $5 more. However, I've heard the horror stories of Comcast customer support. Furthermore, I'm trying to root out any hidden fees either service may entail. Finally if I don't need those extra speeds (honestly I was only wanting around 10-15 Mbps- I've been happy with 15 Mbps in my last residence for a couple of years) why pay extra money? I'll be living in the Chicago suburbs if that makes a significant difference for traffic routing. Do any of you guys have any informed opinions/suggestions on the matter? (This is strictly for internet, I do not watch TV) I would greatly value fellow gamers input.
    09-25-2015 06:38 PM

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