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    Hello out there,

    I guess I'm the first to post something related to FM7, so here it is:

    According to the official specs for FM7 here, the game should be supported across a vast number of configurations, notably Ultrabooks with Intel Skylake Integrated Graphics at 720p resolution in 30FPS.

    I have tested this game in its ultrabook configuration, and not only does it disappoint, but it raises questions regarding the quality of the performance of the final product.

    But first, let me list my PC specs:

    Lenovo Thinkpad T560
    Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyperthreading
    Intel HD 520 Integrated Graphics
    16GB DDR3L 1600 MHz RAM
    Crucial MX300 1050GB SATA3 SSD
    Windows 10 Pro Creator's Update
    Running on unmodified High Performance Power Plan

    As you can see, my PC has no real "oomph" when it comes to gaming, at least for post-2012 games.

    Now comes the FM7 review:

    First let me say that after the main "press enter to continue" screen has been bypassed, it shows a video loop going through the cockpit of various FM7 cars. The graphics on these cars is extremely high quality and detailed. Here comes the first disappointment: even on the High Performance Power Plan, this video loop continues for what seems like 10 minutes before the main menu appears. In this time, I can leave my desk, get a snack, go back to my desk and eat my snack before the loop sequence ends. The menu interface is reminiscent of the Fluent Design interface Microsoft has been designing, even if the acrylic opacity is only an overlay on top of another graphic.

    So, after the main menu appears, I go to the graphics settings, and the graphics are automatically set to 1280x720 at a quality setting of "Very Low." I'll get to what that means below. I go back to the main menu, click the "Go" tile and I am presented with a choice of 3 races. I choose one which causes the game to stall for about a minute and a half while it loads the driver profile. It is significant to note that after this point, the only way to return to the main menu is to close the game and restart it (an annoying oversight on Turn 10's part. The first time I played, I chose the wrong race, but found I couldn't do anything about it). I then choose the driver avatar, and thus I am presented with a start screen for the race where I can choose my assists and start the race. Second disappointment: I cannot start the race. The "start race" tile says "Loading" with no progress bar. The game stays like this for another 5-7 minutes, after which the race loads. After the race begins, the biggest disappointment appears. The high quality graphics from the opening loop sequence are replaced with very poor pixelated graphical renditions of the FM7 vehicles. Plus, the 30FPS framerate is extremely choppy. I got better graphics and framerate from Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, and it wasn't designed to be integrated graphics friendly. I immediately exited out of the program at this time.

    So, what would I say to Turn 10 Studios? Please, reduce the start screen loading times. Nobody wants to see the same 4 cars for 10 Minutes, no matter how fabulous you make the graphics. Also, please improve the framerate consistency and graphics quality for the "Very Low" category. The graphics here are worse than the graphics from some games from the 2005 era. Finally, make an option to go back and choose another race.

    If the main release of this game is like this, I would get a refund ASAP. After all the impressive teasers and trailers, the quality of this demo is a letdown, at least for the people who have ultrabooks in the user group that Turn 10 Studios said that they would cater to.

    What do you think of the FM7 demo?
    09-23-2017 07:14 PM
  2. fdalbor's Avatar
    Don't have the demo, but I did get Forza 7 and it is unplayable it crashes so much. I am lucky to finish one race in ten. Seems they are having MAJOR problems.
    10-08-2017 12:25 PM

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