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    Choose 5 and for which platform (traditional PC, Xbox, tablet, smartphone)

    Microsoft Studios - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (game list at the bottom)

    There's so many to choose from but I'd go,
    (no particular order)

    1. Blinx: Xbox One/Tablet
    The first game had a lot of potential. Disappointing that the sequel didn't deliver. Still, this could be a good for a simple XBLA/tablet game.

    2. Quantum Redshift: Tablet
    This is the perfect game to compete with Hydro Thunder. Talk about missed opportunity.

    3. Blue Dragon: Xbox One
    The first game had its shortcomings but it deserves a sequel. Microsoft also needs to offer it for digital download.

    4. MechAssault: PC
    This is the type of game that needs to be played with a full keyboard. They can even take it up a notch by adding Kinect support for the PC.

    5. Perfect Dark: Xbox One
    IMO, the 360 game wasn't that good. But c'mon, you can't let Joanna Dark fall into obscurity.
    08-14-2013 05:58 PM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    1. Microsoft Flight.
    Please bring this back, Microsoft. No questions asked. This made me happy (it's just fun to crash random aircraft)

    Also, how is there a Microsoft Train Simulator?

    And then, there's the rest of the games.
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    08-15-2013 08:34 AM
  3. martinmc78's Avatar
    Theres a couple on the list but there are others that I would like to see resurrected.

    Kung Fu Chaos - would make an awesome party game for the Xbox One and Kinect.

    Black & White - Would work great on tablet.

    Mech Assault - agree would make a great addition - although I think it would work well on tablet. Maybe with roughly the same UI as Spartan Assault

    Perfect dark - could also do with a reboot - the goldeneye multiplayer game engine was and still is possibly one of the best ever.

    There are a few that could be done if MS could get hold of the Bullfrog catalogue - Dungeon keeper 2 would be great on a tablet as would a rework of the original Syndicate. There are a lack of RTS games available for tablets and I believe they would work really well as a lot of the time all you do is pick a unit then pick a point to move to or other unit to attack.
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    08-15-2013 08:53 AM
  4. tissotti's Avatar
    Any of the truly legendary Rare titles, unfortunately Rare is less than a shell of its former team with key members gone after they were bought.
    Personally I wanna see MS making new IP's to truly compete against Sony's domination on their first party exclusives. Ok start, but more is needed.
    08-15-2013 10:56 AM
  5. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    I would love to see MechAssault back. But I would love to see it on the console. Then again Titanfall has mechs essentially. I haven't played or seen a decent Mech game in awhile.
    08-15-2013 11:05 AM
  6. martinmc78's Avatar
    The best mech game was undoubtedly the original steel battalion with the immense controller (which i still own) Although haven't yet tried mechwarrior online.
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    08-15-2013 03:53 PM
  7. Courtney S's Avatar
    1. Jet Force Gemini - I know this game had a few bugs (no pun intended) when it was released, but I think an Xbox One refresh or sequel would absolutely be amazing. Definitely top of the list.
    2. Fuzion Frenzy - Love it. the original Xbox version is so much better than the 360 one they came out with. Have both. Great party game for family, friends, or gamers. Everyone can get involved with how simple most of the games are, but god, that rush when you are the last one of two in during sumo ball or whatever.. Gah, I want to see this again. Actually, I'd much rather have a rerelease of the original with updated graphics (maybe a few more minigames thrown in) than a new version.
    3. Kung Fu Chaos - Like Fuzion Frenzy, just one of those awesome party games that I loved playing. Everyone can get involved because of how silly the game looks, but it can also be incredibly competitive. I would love to see this game again.
    4. MechAssault - Loved it. Please make this happen
    5. Conker - Conkers Bad Fur Day multiplayer was one of the most fun games I've played. I would love to see that implemented with matchmaking online.

    [EDIT] Oh yeah, and I forgot Banjo Kazooie. I never really got into this much when I was younger, but I would absolutely pick this up if it released in the future.

    [EDIT2] What am I doing. Just went back through that list. Can't believe I missed Brute Force.
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    08-19-2013 12:38 PM
  8. Ordeith's Avatar
    Soapbox. Lets have another go at YouTube.
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    08-19-2013 12:46 PM
  9. Trevor Halsey's Avatar
    1. Microsoft Flight.
    Please bring this back, Microsoft. No questions asked. This made me happy (it's just fun to crash random aircraft)
    And then, there's the rest of the games.
    THIS! MS Flight was good enough for me to buy all the DLC before they got the can. It wasn't as good as FSX, but it was almost like a WindowsPhone take on things. Lets SCRAP EVERYTHING and make the game fun, the way it was meant to be. (I ended up getting two copies of FSX from a MS consumer reporting thingy: I don't recall exactly what it was, but I installed something on both of my computers and I ended up getting two copies of it.)
    Also MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS 2. Because that game was just ridiculous with the announcer guy.
    08-22-2013 11:58 PM
  10. Curtieson's Avatar
    Viva Pinata with 8 players!!!

    Also,I never played the original Shadow Run ( I think it was an RPG) but it was a decent FPS on the 360 and PC. I think they could bring that back.

    And how has no one said Battletoads?
    09-11-2013 10:05 AM
  11. ncxcstud's Avatar
    Crimson Skies. That game was awesome and its multiplayer was great on the original XBOX. I'd love to play a new Crimson Skies game!

    High Heat Baseball. Seriously, XBOX owners only have MLB 2K - which isn't very good compared to The Show. The 'rules' surrounding MLB's license allow first party publishers to make their own MLB games. Come ON Microsoft...

    Kameo - I'd like to see a new Kameo game. It was cute. It was fun. And for its time, it was beautiful as a XBOX 360 launch title.

    Battletoads - I'd want a 'serious' take on it though, not a half-assed production like the new TMNT game is to just cash in on nostalgia..
    09-11-2013 10:12 AM
  12. jlzimmerman's Avatar
    MechAssault. I think it was one of the first games I played on the original Xbox.
    09-12-2013 09:12 AM

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