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    What game is currently giving you a problem? Need to get it off your chest but don't want to start a whole new thread? Then post your mini-rant here!

    Here's mines.

    All thanks goes to Forza Horizon 2...

    Getting real tired of some of the Bucket List speed trap challenges. Mainly the hard ones that require absolute perfection. It's one thing when the game asks you to do a perfect line around a corner in order to get the best time. That's fine. However, it's not fine when that line is blocked by traffic. I seriously had that happen to me like 8-9 times in a row. If you're going to ask for perfection then at least give us the option to turn traffic off.

    At least I've already finished the main game. Time to dust off some other titles in the queue.
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    01-26-2015 06:50 PM

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