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    Hello and welcome to my random game thread! I was looking and looking for a place to discuss this game but to no avail... So I thought I'd attempt to start my own area of discussion. I know this game is fairly new to the market as options in the game are still unlocking through each update.
    This can be a place to discuss things such as:
    Favorite Character, skill/weapon choices;
    Point Distributions for each Character;
    How you like to level up via zones/arena;
    Favorite Pet's;
    and many other things!!

    Don't be shy, because I usually am when it comes to this sort of thing haha..

    So I guess I'll start off..

    My best geared character so far is the Barbarian, ended up lucky and getting the Dragon Ring from the Pool of Luck. He has the abilities of Long-range Stun, Whirlwind(my personal favorite), and Dashing Strike. I maxed out his ATK with putting the last half points into HP/+RageTime

    Working on Gunner now, and she is my next favorite when it comes to skills, long range + survivability. Just a few more level and then I'll be opening a few Epic Gold Chests for some nice weapons (hopefully not the same ones... lol) I maxed out ATK with a few points into +MPregen and the rest is going into ATK speed.

    I currently love to use the Team option when leveling up as every extra member provides an additional 5% exp + team bonus. Of course getting high star daily quests is always a bonus too!!

    Now for Pets, you get a random starter of course, but also the option of First Time Buyers reward for the Blue Wolf which took me a while to get but I will explain how to get it after.
    So the Blue wolf is my favorite, with his dash skill its quite powerful burst damage.

    -First Purchase of 300+ gems should automatically give it to you, but because it's bugged(Surely devs are aware of it) it will not do it automatically.
    -Go to the App Store and start a Review on the Game.
    -Post that you recharged the required amount and have not obtained your rewards and to make sure you put your ID# as they use that to check your account, having your IGN doesn't hurt either. To find your ID# it is under "Add Friend" option you will see your personal number.

    They will either automatically give you the rewards in the mail, or send a reply to your review if they need to verify anything.

    well that's my current rant.. I'll be hoping/waiting for replies :)
    04-07-2015 01:20 PM
  2. Nathan McGraw's Avatar
    04-10-2015 10:48 AM

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