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    G'day everyone, a friend of mine has released a new game called "Tiles - Relaxing Puzzle Game" and its the first game he has made for the windows platform (its also available on IOS and Android, was available on windows before IOS so theres that ;P)

    Its a free puzzle type game supported by adds, would love for people to check it out and share it around and see how you all like it. Ive tested it on L1520 running latest Windows 10 build along with a custom PC and Surface Pro 4. Its also been tested on a Lumia 1020 and even 420 running 8.1 and ran fine.

    Links to Windows Store:

    Developers website with other platforms:

    Don't forget to rate if you can :)
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    02-29-2016 11:54 PM
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    Updated with links!
    03-03-2016 03:09 AM

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