View Poll Results: what is the best wp7 device?

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  • dell venue pro

    5 22.73%
  • htc hd7

    3 13.64%
  • htc 7 pro

    1 4.55%
  • htc mozart

    0 0%
  • htc trophy

    2 9.09%
  • htc surround

    0 0%
  • samsung focus

    7 31.82%
  • lg quantum

    1 4.55%
  • samsung omnia 7

    3 13.64%
  • lg optimus 7

    0 0%
  1. bear_lx's Avatar
    what is the best windows 7 phone out right now? not just looks, but hardware, and exclusive applications on that specific handset. also consider durability, speed, and functionality.

    i am going with the hd7, of course. it feels the most solid. i love the big screen. it has a myriad of htc exclusive apps, like the dual led flashlight, compass, attentive phone, photo enhancer, and sound enhancer (which is an awesome EQ) not to forget the stainless steel kickstand and notification led!!!

    so overall, even w/o a supermaoled... it wins my vote.

    p.s. - will probably be the first to get mango!!!
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    09-10-2011 11:26 AM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    You can one-up that by going with the HD7s. ;) In fact, my vote would probably be the HD7s if it had a better camera.

    My fav is the Samsung Focus. I wish it felt more solid, and Samsung's apps are lacking, but the camera quality and super amoled screen is really great.
    09-10-2011 12:19 PM
  3. gerrymad's Avatar
    You can one-up that by going with the HD7s. ;)
    Only downside of the HD7S is that it will probably be on of the last to get Mango. AT&T tends be be slow on releasing updates.

    That said, Samsung also tends to be slow so a Samsung on AT&T is probably going to end up getting Mango when Apollo comes out ;)
    09-10-2011 01:05 PM
  4. smartpatrol's Avatar
    The Omnia 7 without a doubt. Same screen as the Focus but with a metal body. It's a shame they never released it in the USA.

    Fortunately, it looks like Sprint or Verizon will be getting an updated & improved version of it in the near future.
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    09-10-2011 02:03 PM
  5. fernandez21's Avatar
    My vote is for the dvp. It has a big screen, but is not awkward as a phone, like I have found with the larger screened phones. It is fast and has a great keyboard. Only bad thing is its a little thick, but its worth it.
    09-10-2011 03:35 PM
  6. Dave Blake's Avatar
    HD7 Pro/ Arrive on Sprint the screen is fantastic its a great size feels nice in the hand and in the pocket plus it has the horizontal sliding qwerty gotta have that. So much room for typing make life a lot easier
    09-10-2011 04:36 PM
  7. JackG058's Avatar
    I own the Arrive and love it, but I voted for the Dell. Why? At least for the present, the portrait keyboard on the Dell has more functionality than the landscape on the Arrive, since not all programs will switch to landscape. The Arrive would be my second choice. I like having a hardware keyboard, and the Arrive's keyboard is on parallel to the one the Touch Pro 2 had, which I loved also. It works better with my larger fingers than the onscreen ones.
    09-11-2011 04:23 PM
  8. Rodolfo#WP's Avatar
    I like the Focus. In particullar, the look, size, and weight; the super AMOLED screen; the 32gb-expandability; and the availability of cheap, extra batteries. Did I mention the super amoled screen? My friend with an iPhone GS3 covets my screen; yesterday she said that if the iP5 does not have a super amoled screen, she will wait for iP6.
    09-11-2011 07:25 PM
  9. cckgz4's Avatar
    09-12-2011 07:49 PM
  10. selfcreation's Avatar
    *+1 focus*

    just makign sure the FOCUS is still Number 1 .... and it is .. :)
    09-13-2011 01:22 PM