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    I returned my Titan a little over a week ago and have been living with a dumb phone and an iPod Touch (4th gen) as my main smart device. In using the iPhone as more than a media player for the first time, iOS has started to grow on me. Now I am debating if I really want to wait for the Lumia 900 or if I should just get an iPhone 4S. One thing I'm loving is the high res screen. I have been using my wife's Titan some, and the difference is amazing, I just wish the screen weren't so small.

    Nokia/WP Pros:
    Free voice nav
    Larger Screen
    Metro UI

    iPhone Pros:
    App selection
    Screen res

    I don't use twitter (or linkedin) at all, and the Facebooking I do could be done just as easy from an app as the integrated WP solution (I still have to use the app on WP cause there is no way to add someone being with you when you check in from the Me Tile). Skydrive is awesome, but now iCloud has answered it to a degree that I would be able to live with. So the main things keeping me with WP at this point are larger screens and the UI. I'm having a hard time deciding which would be best fro me. Your thoughts?
    01-16-2012 03:10 PM