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    asking this questions because I was at the ATT store yesterday with my Lumia 900 and decided to do my own little Titan 2/ Lumia smack down. The Titan 2 is pretty nice. The screen is bigger, but as we all know with WP7 limitations, bigger isn't always better depending on your needs. The colors and deep blacks in the Lumia are better, and the battery life and antenna reception on the Lumia are pretty good. Has anyone owned both and did some side by side comparisons in various locations?

    The things that keep me with the Lumia is battery life, antennas, and a good possibility that Nokia wont let this device fall from their grip as far as support. Oh and the screen and build are great. The only thing I dont like about the Lumia 900 is the camera. And comparably the two device are about the same size yet, the Titan boasts a bigger screen. And with bigger screens come bigger battery drain and a little pixelation. But damn, the cam on the Titan 2 is so good.

    So any comments on this?
    04-12-2012 08:12 AM